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Azore® is a software tool for analyzing fluid flow and heat transfer. This tool provides engineers and scientists a method for analyzing a wide array of fluid mechanic, thermal, and chemical problems numerically on a computer. Many different types of fluid dynamic situations can be simulated using Azore, including air, gas, liquid, or particulate-laden flows. For liquid systems, modeling the flow of water through a piping system or evaluating water velocity profiles around submerged objects are common uses of Azore. The flow of air or gases can also be analyzed such as simulating the ambient air velocity profiles of wind as it passes around buildings or investigating the flow and heat transfer inside a room, duct system, mechanical equipment, or industrial process.


Azore uses a technology commonly referred to as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CFD typically refers to a wide array of numerical techniques that are collected together to solve the governing differential equations for conservation of mass, fluid momentum and energy. From this family of techniques, Azore uses the cell centered control volume discretization technique. The numerical kernel of Azore utilizes a modern face-based solution technique, providing support for all control volume based mesh topologies including polygonal and polyhedral cell shapes.