Below are frequenty asked questions about the Azore® CFD software and its capabilities.

Azore CFD can be used to simulate essentially any incompressible, steady-state fluid flow model, including problems that involve heat transfer and species transport.

The Azore CFD code has been validated against standard CFD test cases. Examples can be viewed on the validation page.

For a comparison of Azore's features and capabilities with other commercial and open-source CFD codes, click here.

Azore features the standard k-epsilon turbulence model.

Yes, Azore comes with full-featured post-processing capabilities, including the ability to write out data files, contour plots, and animations. Export to other post-processing software, including Ansys-Fluent post-processors and Paraview is also included.

This is optional. The Azore CFD solver is offered as a standalone software (with pre- and post-processing). This allows users to utilize their own preferred meshing software. Azore supports importing .msh files from a variety of gridding software including ANSYS Meshing®, Gridgen®, TrueGrid®, snappyHexMesh, etc. Importing Ansys-Fluent® case files is also supported. For users with no previous meshing software, Azore can be licensed with Trelis®, from our meshing partner Coreform™.

Azore does allow simulation two-phase, particle-laden flows. The particulate phase is Lagrangian with momentum coupling to the Eulerien gas phase.

Azore is a cross-platform application and works on Windows®, MacOS® and Linux™ systems.

Yes. Azore can run in parallel on multiple cores of a single machine with its MPI solver. In addition, openMP solver capability allows Azore to run across a network to take advantage of multiple machines on a cluster. Azore has also partnered with high performance computing (HPC) company Sabalcore to run Azore simulations on thousands of cores on the cloud.

Azore CFD comes with basic e-mail support services for software installation issues. Advanced support and training, including modeling approach and simulation setup, can also be purchased.

Azore online tutorials and videos offer users 24/7 training opportunities. Azore personnel also offer quarterly webcast training courses or in-person training at our offices and client sites.


If you have additional questions about the Azore CFD software, please contact us.