CFD Software

Azore CFD has been used to design equipment and optimize flow systems worldwide since 2007. The accurate solver and user-friendly graphic environment make it the ideal choice for novice to advanced CFD users. Explore a wide range of models made in Azore below and begin running your simulation today with a 30 day free trial. 

CFD simulation software


Made in Azore CFD

Classroom Air Treatment

cfd model of classroom air treatment

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

cfd model of electrostatic precipitator

Renewable Energy

CFD model of renewable energy solar panels


Ammonia Injection Grid

CFD model of ammonia injection grid

Gas Turbine

cfd model of gas turbine

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

cfd model of wet electrostatic precipitator

Polyhedral Mesh

polyhedral mesh

Automobile Duct

cfd model of an automobile duct

Spray Dryer Absorber

cfd model of spray dryer absorber


Locomotive Plume

cfd model of locomotive plume

Gas Turbine

cfd model of gas turbine


cfd model of esp


Medical Campus

cfd model of medical campus

Paint Booth

cfd model of paint booth

Flow Through Duct Elbow

cfd model showing flow through duct elbow


Compressor Station

cfd model of compressor station

Tie Interceptor

cfd model of tie interceptor

Tie Interceptor

cfd model of tie interceptor


Coil Heater

cfd model of coil heater

Indoor Skydiving

cfd model of indoor skydiving at iFly

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

CFD model of battery energy storage system


Data Center HVAC

CFD model of data center


cfd model of BESS


CFD model for rail industry


Underwater Autonomous Vehicle

CFD model of underwater autonomous vehicle

Wet Stack Plume

cfd model of wet stack plume


cfd model of x-mixer



cfd model of yacht

Refinery SCR

cfd model of refinery scr

Scrubber to Stack

cfd model showing scrubber to stack



cfd model of esp

Commercial Pie Bakery

cfd model of commercial bakery pies

Data Center

cfd model of data center