AZORE® CFD Takes the Stage With Its New Release

Livonia, Michigan, January 31, 2022 — The latest release of the exciting new CFD software, AZORE® 2022R1, contains a host of incredible features that will make you think twice about your current software package for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Azore has always had high performance computing that competes with the most expensive CFD options on the market. But now, Azore also offers a novel way to tap into the solution data even while the solver is running. The new feature is called Animate Data, and it allows the user to connect to the solver during a run to monitor the solution in real-time, including visualizing it in a post-processing environment. Animate data is equally beneficial to both steady-state and transient simulations.

What you’ll find in AZORE 2022R1:

Animate Data – connect to the solution data while the solver is running and visualize it within the user interface as the iteration or time step progresses

Pathlines – updated options to draw and animate flow pathlines

Transient Solutions – both first and second order unsteady state equations can be solved and analyzed on the fly with Animate Data

Enhanced scripting language – a vast library of macros for easy scripts and increased customization

Compatability with other CFD tools on the market – easily transfer past data from other solvers, making for a smooth transition to Azore

In addition to this, the newest release improves the user interface, which can be used in Windows, iOS, or Linux. The user interface is intuitive enough for a beginner, yet feature-rich for the CFD connoisseur.

Even as a high performing solver, Azore has licensing plans that fit any budget. And unlike other CFD packages out there, Azore does not have a complex pricing structure for the number of computing cores you plan to use. Even the most basic Azore package includes access to multiple computing cores, and with a single Premier Azore license, you can use all the computing cores on your machine at no additional cost. An MPI upgrade option allows unlimited distributed cores on a network. So if you are typically dealing with large jobs, other packages can quickly price out of your budget, especially if you want results quickly.

The Basic Package includes standard physics with up to 4 cores of shared memory. The Advanced Package offers advanced physics (such as rotating reference frames, porous surfaces, transient simulation, and multiple species) with up to 32 shared or distributed memory cores. The Premier Package or the MPI upgrade boost simulation speed further, allowing unlimited cores.

AZORE CFD is a practical, affordable software tool that CFD analysts can trust. Azore provides accurate flow and heat transfer simulations for a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to energy. It is known for its ease of use, advanced polyhedral solver, and flexible licensing plans that meet the needs of today’s organizations.

Contact Azore CFD to schedule a personal demo. To explore on your own, the company is offering a 30-day free trial, which customers can download at