The Azore® product line of software is available for a number of platforms including Windows®, Linux® and MacOS®.

Azore Licensing Options

  • Annual Lease

  • Purchase (perpetual)


The Azore software suite is distributed as a zipped folder which is copied and uncompressed to a location on your computer (of your choosing). Once the folder is uncompressed the azorerequest tool can be used to generate a license request file. This file is forwarded to our staff for generation of a valid license file. This file is then copied into the license sub folder of the Azore installation folder to fully enable the software.

Azore Support Packages and Training

Azore Software, LLC also offers support services for the Azore CFD product line. These services provide a conduit to our technical staff to help you get the most out of the Azore Software. Currently, the following support packages are available.

Basic Support Package

  • e-mail support for software installation

Modeling Support Package

  • Modeling approaches
  • Simulation setup
  • Post processing simulation results
  • General CFD training

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