Azore® is a CFD software tool that utilizes the control volume method for discretization of the mesh topology.  Traditional mesh topologies, as well as arbitrary polyhedral mesh topologies, are acceptable inputs to the Azore solver.

Azore is a cross platform application offering a distribution for Windows® , MacOS® , and Linux®.

A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided for preparation of simulation input and post processing of simulation results.

Azore is fully parallel for HPC use. Scalability is excellent.

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Solver capabilities:

  • Incompressible fluid treatment
  • Steady state
  • Continuity/Momentum coupling
  • Support for the solution of the energy equation
  • Support for species transport with an unlimited number of species
  • Standard K-epsilon with standard wall function treatment
  • Variable fluid properties (density, Cp, viscosity)
  • Thin surface porous resistance
  • Volumetric porous resistance
  • Multiple reference frame support for rotating machinery
  • Thin surface heat transfer

Post processor:

  • Built-in post-processor - no extra cost!
  • Export capability to ANSYS® Fluent® - post or VTK format
  • Other formats upon request

Licensing options:

     (parallel licenses included)

msh format import from:

  • Trelis
  • ANSYS® Fluent® (also case files)
  • Gridgen®/Pointwise®
  • TrueGrid®
  • GridPro®
  • Spider
  • CastNet
  • ANSYS® Meshing

Other mesh file formats upon request

Used to design equipment and optimize flow systems worldwide since 2007

  Boiler combustion optimization
  Erosion/corrosion reduction
  Heat transfer enhancement
  Wind turbine design

  Automobiles and ships  
  Building and radar antennas
  Rail car drag and tipover
  Underwater research vehicles

  Building materials and insulation
  Food processing equipment  
  Mixing systems
  Plant HVAC systems

Pollution Control:
  Particulate capture (ESP, baghouse)
  SCR, scrubber design
  Sorbent / activated carbon injection
  Stack flow optimization

  Ductwork design
  Exhaust systems/ventilation
  Heating and cooling
  Fan design and sizing

For a summary of this information, please review the Azore brochure.